Portuguese citizenship for Brazilian Jews

Are you a Brazilian Jew and want to get European citizenship? If so, you should check whether your family came to Brazil after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal, or later, you can get a Portuguese passport which is an entry ticket to the European Union.

Historical background and information on how Jews arrived from Portugal to Brazil

It is worth knowing that the Jewish community in Brazil is considered one of the oldest and oldest among the countries of South and Central America, where experts claim that the beginning of the Jewish community in the country began in the glory days of the Portuguese power. It is important to know that the famous explorers of Portugal discovered Brazil, many claims that Pedro Cabral - the Portuguese explorer, is the first landed on the coast of Brazil, and after the discovery of the country it became a Portuguese colony, and the country was ruled by Portugal for a long time, until the 19th century .

Many Jews were expelled from Portugal after the mass expulsion from Spain in 1492, some of them came to Brazil and chose to settle in the country. Even Marranos came to Brazil and settled there, so the Jewish community was created in the country, and to this day there is a prosperous Jewish community.

Members of the Jewish community from Portugal used their business connections to market goods from Brazil to Europe and other destinations. The Jewish community prospered and overgrew. Over time, Jews moved to neighbor Latin countries and established thriving communities. It is worthwhile to know that the Jews of Brazil enjoy a high quality of life. It is a vibrant and established community, and most of the Jews living in the country enjoy economic security.

How to get a Portuguese passport for Brazilians?

If you are a Brazilian Jew, you should check your family background to find out if you have a blood connection with the offspring of those expelled from Spain and Portugal. With genealogical research, you can get an accurate answer if you have a blood connection to those expelled from Spain and Portugal and if you can apply for Portuguese citizenship. The application should be submitted with the help of a professional company specializing in this matter. It is not enough to prove a family name that appears in the records, but you must attach various documents attesting to the blood connection to the residence of Spain and Portugal.

Why should Brazilians issue a Portuguese passport?

Portuguese citizenship for Brazilians provides many significant benefits such as:

The possibility of living in Portugal and other EU countries without fear of the immigration authorities.

Ability to work in Portugal and other European Union countries, while receiving full social benefits.

The possibility of investing in real estate in Portugal, you can take a mortgage in local banks and enjoy a high yield and a profitable investment in the emerging real estate market in Portugal.

It is possible to blur Israeli identity to visit hostile countries, business with countries that have no connection with Israel, and more.

The border crossings between EU countries can be easily and quickly passed.

Portuguese citizens are entitled to free or subsidized study at the best universities and academic institutions in Portugal and the European Union.

A Portuguese passport is a European passport for all intents and purposes which gives a sense of security.