Customers recommend

Aharon Gindi

I met Eylon from Campus pas at the end of 2016. We closed the process, it took me a few weeks to organize all the paperwork, and at the beginning of 2017 we set out.

Within a few days, I received the approval from the Jewish community, passed quickly through the embassy's certificate of honesty, and received regular updates on my situation in every change (sometimes I was also impatient and nagged).

The truth is that even as the process progressed, it was hard for me to believe until I received the longed-for call from Ayalon telling me that I would have to go to the embassy to get my ID card and then my passport.

Guy Ben Moyal

Today I was informed of the receipt of Portuguese citizenship. I would like to thank the Campus pas staff for the wonderful professional service I received from them. My brothers and I were looking for a professional office and we did not compromise until we reached Eylon Kasif from Campus pas . The process was easy and short, and after waiting for about a year and four months, I was informed about the citizenship. highly recommend!

Lior Asulin

Thank you very much to the Campus Pas staff for an efficient and convenient process.

Throughout the process, I was told what to do and what documents to bring, and quite a few times the staff helped me understand where to get them.

I received a quick response to all the questions, most of the communication was done by email (because it is more comfortable in this way).

The process itself mostly requires time so be patient, it will definitely pay off ...

Li Mas

Campus Pas is a serious and progressive company. From my impressions and the process, the team accompanies us in all the proceedings. Always available and welcoming in answering questions and answers, all with a smile.

The answers are received quickly, especially anything that depends on them.

A young company with a lot of potentials, a company with an online advancement that is available and transparent.

I strongly recommend that you contact and receive their services. The information is available and transparent.

Shlomi Kushchi

Eylon and the team accompanied us throughout the process and even when there were bureaucratic difficulties with the authorities in Portugal they stayed by us and helped us to get the passport. A professional and courteous, versatile and reliable team. From experience with another law firm that disappeared and removed responsibility from itself when there were all kinds of technical problems, the Campus Pas  team was there and helped us even where others messed up. warmly recommended.

Guy Ben-Yaakov Tour

Hello everyone,

My initial contact with Campus Pas was created a year and a half ago, starting with private and individual training. What documents should I obtain, including references to the relevant ministries in Israel and Germany, and about a year ago the request was submitted. Last week I was at the consulate in Stuttgart to fill all the forms for a Portuguese ID and then my passport.

I live in Germany for about eight years and the need for a European passport was very acute for me. I clarified the matter with the CEO of the Campus Pas , and the team in both Israel and Lisbon were polite, patient, available ...