Obligations of Portuguese citizens

Many Israelis apply for citizenship after the amendment to the Citizenship Law. It is no wonder that many of the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese exiles are trying to obtain the desired citizenship, which allows them to achieve a Portuguese passport, i.e., a direct entry ticket to the European Union. In order to obtain Portuguese citizenship, various documents proving the connection to the deportees and a link to the culture and tradition of Portuguese Jewry must be submitted.

Many people wish to exercise their Portuguese passport eligibility to take advantage of the many benefits, including free or nominal tuition at the best academic institutions in the country and countries of the Union, the possibility to live and work in Portugal and other European Union countries. At the same time, Israelis are concerned about whether there are also obligations imposed on citizens of the state, such as whether there is mandatory enlistment to the Portuguese army, tax rates, etc.

What are the duties imposed on Portuguese citizens?

Following the current legislation in Portugal, the expected obligations of Israelis who exercise their entitlement to receive citizenship from the state are:

Military Service - At present, there is no mandatory recruitment to the Portuguese army, although there is a modern and relatively advanced army in the country. Military service is optional and does not apply to citizens of the state.

Israel and Portugal have signed a double taxation treaty, so if taxes are paid on a certain income that requires tax payments in both countries, it is not necessary to pay the tax twice, but only in one country.

Individual taxation - The tax authorities in Portugal operate in a relatively similar manner to the Israeli tax authorities, so long as they are not defined as residents of Portugal there is no need to pay different taxes, except in exceptional cases such as payment of tax on assets in Portugal and the like.

Tax inheritance and gifts - to date there is no tax on inheritance and gifts in Portugal, except for the payment of stamps on inheritances and gifts received.

The tax rate in Portugal - in most cases the tax rate in Portugal is lower than the tax rates in Israel, so citizens of the state can decide how and where to conduct their business and property in accordance with tax considerations that benefit them.

Rights and obligations of the holders of Portuguese citizenship

After obtaining citizenship from the State of Portugal, it is recommended to examine the duties and rights imposed on the citizens of the country. There is a variety of rights for Portuguese citizens, including free study in leading academic institutions, the possibility of taking a mortgage at a local bank to purchase a residential or investment property, the possibility of starting a business and more. However, it is also worth keeping an eye on various debts. The debts may vary according to the changes in the Portuguese laws.

It is important to emphasize that every person is entitled to check whether he is entitled to a Portuguese passport, obtaining citizenship from the state has many advantages to take advantage of, beyond the European passport, which is an entry ticket to the union. When checking eligibility for citizenship and passport from Portugal, it is also essential to keep abreast of the obligations imposed on residents and citizens of the country. In this way, you can avoid mistakes and make a correct and reasonable decision.