Spanish citizenship for Turk Jews

In October 2015, the Spanish Parliament approved the Citizenship Law, which allows the descendants of Spanish citizens to obtain Spanish citizenship. Getting Spanish citizenship also makes it possible to obtain a local passport, and since Spain belongs to the European Union, it has many advantages. In order to obtain Spanish citizenship, the descendants of the deportees must prove that their surname is suitable for the conditions under the law. This can usually be done through genealogical research. They must also demonstrate knowledge and mastery of Spanish, pass a proficiency test on the country's constitution and swear allegiance to the King of Spain. Since many Spanish deportees arrived in Turkey, invitations were opened for Spanish citizenship for Turkish Jews who could prove that they were the descendants of those expelled from the country in 1492.

Proof of blood ties and cultural ties to the expelled from Spain

The primary criterion for obtaining Spanish citizenship for Turkish Jews is proof of a blood connection and cultural connection to a family that was expelled from the country during the Spanish expulsion in 1492. There are lists of relevant family names that enable proof of affinity with the Spanish deportees. However, even if over the years the descendants of Turkey changed their names or Their names are not included in the lists, and can be done through genealogical research to prove blood connection.

As noted above, beyond the blood link that must be shown to the applicant to control the Spanish language, when some of the descendants of Turkey control the Ladino language and therefore more comfortable for them to pass the test. If they do not know Spanish or Ladino, it is now possible to take a professional language course to pass the test. Also, there is a knowledge test in the Sephardic constitution. There are also courses in the country where you can study, and beyond that, the descendants of Turkey must prove a general affinity with Spain and its culture.

Translate documents to Spanish

The process of obtaining Spanish citizenship has many advantages for the descendants of Turkey whose family arrived in the country after the mass expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. After collecting all the relevant documents, including the issuance of a certificate of integrity from the Israel Police, the documents must be translated into Spanish and submitted to the relevant Spanish authorities. It is recommended to submit the application and go through the entire process accompanied by a professional company specializing in the subject. At the same time as submitting documents, it is important to start learning Spanish and prepare for the test of knowledge in the constitution of the state.

Advantages of a Spanish passport 

As mentioned above, the acquisition of Spanish citizenship for the descendants of Turkey provides many important advantages, including an EU passport that allows free movement on the continent, visits to countries where entry is not allowed to Israelis, free study in various universities, investing in real estate in Spain, Social benefits, like any other local citizen, to open a bank account and receive loans for setting up a business or mortgage for the purchase of real estate.

In conclusion, the descendants of Turkey with an affinity to the deportees of Spain in the fifteenth century can check their eligibility for the desired Spanish passport, it is recommended to contact an experienced company in the field to receive close advice and accompaniment throughout the process until obtaining citizenship, after which you can also get a Spanish passport.