How do I get a European passport?

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are entitled to the EU passport because of their origin and family tree. Foreign citizenship from one of the EU countries is considered a dream for the country's residents and also has many advantages. Accepting citizenship from one of the EU countries gives you the right and freedom to move freely and without restriction in Europe and many other countries around the world, to study at the best institutions of higher education in Europe for free or at a reduced price, to work legally and receive full social benefits, In the EU countries and enjoy high quality of life.

The most requested passport among Israelis

If Israelis have ever dreamed of a green card for the United States, they are all looking for their European roots to try and get a European passport which offers many advantages. Europe is a short flight away from Israel so if you decide to study, work or live in one of the EU countries it is easy to fly to Israel to visit family and friends In addition, there are economic opportunities in Europe for many, especially for businessmen who wish to expand their overseas activities or need to disguise their Israeli origin in order to maintain trade and business relations with Muslim countries.

Until recently, most Israelis tried to obtain a passport through one of the Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria. It should be noted that many Jews fled Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria before the Second World War, and many of the Jews who survived the war chose to immigrate to Israel and established magnificent families there. Today, the descendants are interested in issuing a European passport because of its many advantages. Recently, following the change in the Citizenship Law in the countries of Spain and Portugal, many Israelis can obtain a Spanish or Portuguese passport in a relatively simple and cost-effective procedure.

It is worthwhile to know that the change in the Spanish Citizenship Law was intended to correct the injustice caused to the Jews of Spain following the mass deportation of the state in 1492. After a short period, the Portuguese parliament changed the citizenship law, and now the descendants of those expelled from Spain and Portugal can obtain a Portuguese passport in a process that is considered more comfortable and faster than the procedure required to gain Spanish citizenship.

How do I get a passport from one of the EU countries?

Many Israelis want to know how to get a European passport, how much it costs, who handles the subject, and what are the chances of realizing the dream and receiving European citizenship, followed by a long and important passport. Therefore, it is worth knowing that there are professional companies and law firms dealing with foreign citizenship in Israel. The costs vary from place to place and according to the type of foreign passport.

However, experience shows that most applications submitted in private were rejected for a variety of reasons, while Israelis who were assisted by a leading company managed to realize their dream of receiving foreign citizenship.