Portuguese citizenship in half the time

Portuguese citizenship

Portuguese citizenship in half the time

In light of the amendment to the Portuguese Citizenship Law, the descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal can now examine their entitlement to citizenship and a passport from the state. As a result of the amendment, Jews who are descendants of those who were expelled from Spain, as well as descendants of Portuguese Jews who were expelled in 1496 or left the country at the end of the 15th century. Then, they can receive also a Portuguese passport, just in a relatively simple and short procedure, especially now when Portugal belongs to the European Union.

What is the treatment of the Jews expelled from Spain?

In 1492, the Spanish Jews were expelled, many of them moved to neighbor Portugal, but the Portuguese king expelled them four years later in 1496. To rectify the injustice caused to those expelled from Spain and Portugal, the government decided to amend the Citizenship Law. Now, Jews who prove their connection with those who were expelled from Spain or Portugal can be citizens of these countries.

Portuguese citizenship for those expelled from Spain and Portugal provides many advantages, including a local passport. In order to receive it, it must be proved through genealogical research and the collection of relevant documents which prove a connection to the expelled Jews and the culture of Portuguese Jewry. The Portuguese government appointed the heads of the Jewish communities in the country to examine the various documents and if they find it appropriate, they issue a permit which makes it easier to obtain citizenship from the state.

One of the most prominent signs of connection to the expelled Jews from Spain and Portugal is a surname, and the law has a long list of family names that attest to the connection. If your surname is not included in the surname list, you can use genealogical research to prove the connection. You can also strengthen the arguments for the connection by means of Ladino or Haketia control, confirmation of membership in a Jewish community outside Portugal which preserves the culture and traditions of Portuguese Jewry and other relevant documents.

What are the advantages of obtaining Portuguese citizenship?

Getting Portuguese citizenship gives you many advantages. After you receive it, you can issue a Portuguese passport which makes it unnecessary to issue a visa to the US, allows you to work and live in all EU countries, study in leading and recognized academic institutions in Portugal and the EU countries, take a mortgage from the banks to invest and conduct business more easily without an Israeli identity.

Why choose our service?

The process of issuing citizenship is not trivial, requires knowledge and experience, and it is also important to be in direct contact with the heads of the Jewish communities in Portugal, the World Federation of Spanish Jewry and the Jews of Portugal and the relevant firms in the various authorities in the country. With us, you can get citizenship and a Portuguese passport easily and without unnecessary headaches, all this while providing courteous service and commitment to affordable prices.

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