Portuguese passport for descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain

At the beginning of 2015, the Portuguese legislature decided to adopt an amendment to the law allowing Jewish descendants of those expelled from Spain and Portugal to obtain local citizenship. The applicant for a Portuguese passport must prove a connection to the Spanish-Portuguese Jewish culture and be a descendant of the Jews who were expelled from Spain. After collecting and submitting all the required documents you can obtain eligibility for Portuguese citizenship. Then, it is possible to apply a Portuguese passport which is also a ticket to the European Union.

It should be remembered that Portugal is one of the member states of the European Union. Portuguese citizenship and passport allow free movement in European countries and other countries in the world to which Israelis are not allowed to enter. In addition, a Portuguese passport to the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain makes it unnecessary to issue a visa to the United States and allows to work and study in EU countries.

However, it is important to remember that the issuance of a Portuguese passport involves bureaucracy, and a tangible link must be proved to the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain, and a connection to Jewish communities outside Spain that maintain the customs and traditions of Portuguese Jewry to this day. Therefore, it is important to contact the campus company, which specializes in the process of obtaining a Portuguese passport. The company accompanies the applicant throughout all stages, from collecting relevant documents and translating them through contact with the supervisors in Portuguese Jewish communities in purpose to get the citizenship and a passport.

Who is entitled to the desired Portuguese passport?

As mentioned above, in order to obtain a Portuguese passport for those expelled from Spain, it is necessary to prove a connection to the Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal. It is important to know that many of the expellees were initially deported to Portugal, and five years later the Portuguese king decided to expel them from the country. According to the records, more than 80,000 Jews crossed the border from Spain to Portugal in light of the massive deportation, when the king of Portugal imposed heavy taxes on them for the shelter he had given them. The Jews were later deported from Portugal and were forced to leave to other countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and more. Now the Portuguese legislator has decided to correct the distortion and allow the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain to receive local citizenship.

It should be noted that there are two routes for obtaining the Portuguese passport, through a campus company that cooperates with the Jewish communities in Portugal. You can obtain confirmation from the Jewish community coordinator about the applicant's connection to Portuguese Jewry. It should be remembered that the obligation to prove the connection and only after that the Jewish community in Portugal will provide the relevant certificate to the state authorities. In addition, according to the Portuguese law that allows the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain to obtain citizenship and a Portuguese passport. A historical and genealogical connection must be proved to the Jews who were expelled from Spain in the fifteenth century. Campus prepares a family tree to prove the connection and submits the necessary documents.

It should be emphasized that the Portuguese legislator notes in the amendment to the law, that the family names attesting to the connection to Portuguese Jewry are not sufficient, and a connection to the Portuguese Jewish community must be proven.

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