Who is eligible for a Portuguese passport?

In 2013, the Portuguese government announced that it intended to allow the descendants of the Jews who expelled from the state to obtain Portuguese citizenship, which is also an entry ticket to the EU. After dealing with the issue, which lasted nearly two years, the Portuguese government passed a law granting significant concessions to obtain a Portuguese passport and local citizenship for descendants of Jews who were expelled or left the country from the end of the 15th century onwards. It is important to emphasize that the new law grants entitlement to a passport that is longed for anyone who can prove that he is a descendant of Portuguese deportees. It should be remembered that many of the Jews expelled from Spain were initially deported to Portugal and after five years were forced to leave Portugal as well. Therefore, many of the deportees from Spain are also among those expelled from Portugal.

Two main routes are to obtain a certificate of Portuguese citizenship

The Portuguese legislature stated in an amendment to the law that the descendants of Portuguese expelled Jews can apply for Portuguese citizenship in two main tracks. The first track has to prove a historical, cultural and genealogy connection to Portuguese Jews who were expelled or left the country from the 15th century. In the second track, one of the main Jewish communities in Portugal should be submitted an application. The applicant must prove to the heads of the community who are in charge of the subject his connection to his Portuguese origin. This procedure involves payment to the Jewish community supervisor, after checking the screens and obtaining approval from the local Jewish community, a request can be submitted to the Population Authority, together with the approval of the community, in order to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

Proof of connection to the deportees from Spain and Portugal

It should be noted that proving the connection to the Jews who expelled from Portugal is not trivial, especially since the event took place hundreds of years ago. However, there are signs of a connection to Sephardic and Portuguese Jewish culture, the most obvious sign - which is also easy to prove - is the surname. Therefore, an amendment to the law made by the Portuguese legislature prepared a list of surnames indicating a tangible connection to the deportees of Portugal, among the names included in the list are family names such as Franco, Pinto, Suarez and so on. It is important to emphasize that many family names not listed are approved by submitting a genealogical report that we submit. Likewise, the report we submit is prepared by our researcher, the member of the Portuguese and Israeli Genealogical Association.

In addition, it is possible to prove a connection to the Portuguese Jews who expelled by means of basic control of the Ladino language or the extinction of one of the family members. Another possibility is to prove a connection to the Portuguese Jewish tradition through various documents. For example, with the help of Campus Pas, which specializes in the process of obtaining a Portuguese passport for descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain, it is possible to obtain the approval of membership in a Jewish community outside Portugal that preserves the traditions and prayers of the Jews of Portugal, and to show to the Jewish community in Portugal past documents such as Jewish marriage contract and other authentic documents attesting to the connection.

Campus Pas staff helps applicants to prove their connection to deportees in Portugal through genealogical research, including the preparation of a detailed family tree of family roots. A family tree must be prepared as close as possible to the fifteenth century. The company staff accompanies you throughout the process until you obtain Portuguese citizenship and passport.

Issuing a passport after receiving citizenship on behalf of Portugal

Upon completion of the process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship, you can apply for the local passport. It is important to note that a Portuguese passport allows free movement throughout Europe, including for work and study purposes, and prevents the need to issue a visa to the United States.

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