Spanish citizenship - all you need to know

On June 11, 2015, the Spanish Parliament approved the new Spanish citizenship law to rectify the historical injustice caused to the Jews of Spain as a result of the mass deportation of 1492. The law was intended to correct the injustice caused to the deportees and to recognize their importance and their great contribution to the history and culture of Spain. The Spanish government together with the Senate decided as a gesture of friendship and recognition of the damages caused to Jews expelled from the country to allow the descendants of Spanish expelled Jews to obtain Spanish citizenship, subject to the conditions specified by law.

What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship?

The Spanish ambassador to Israel, Fernando Cardedra, presented the main conditions for obtaining citizenship and passports, including:

  • Proof of a surname which appears in the records and is linked to Spanish Jewish genealogy.
  • A sworn translation of documents attesting to contact with Jews who were expelled from Spain, including addresses, surnames and birth certificates.
  • Affinity with the Spanish culture, including the use of Ladino or its languages.
  • Proof of connection and affinity to Spain such as studies, real estate, business, cultural or philanthropic activity related to Spain and the like.
  • Relevant certificates from the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain and/or on behalf of Jewish community leaders in Spain

In addition, all documents must be translated into Spanish, including a certificate of integrity from the police, by a sworn translator. In addition, a basic Spanish proficiency test and a knowledge test in the Spanish constitution and culture must be successfully passed. After approval of the documents and application, the Spanish consul must be reached in order to swear allegiance to the King of Spain.

Advantages of obtaining citizenship

Spain is a member of the European Union, so after receiving citizenship, a Spanish passport can be issued. Citizenship and passport provide you with many advantages, such as the possibility to live and work in Spain and the EU, entry into the US without the need for visa, free and convenient passage between the EU countries and the possibility of visiting countries where Israelis cannot enter, the possibility to study in leading academic institutions in Spain and EU countries, The possibility of taking a mortgage from a Spanish bank for investments in real estate, the easy transfer of goods between countries, ease of customs duties and taxation for businessmen and more.

How should I do this? Alone or with the help of a professional company?

The issue of citizenship involves a lot of bureaucracy, and you will have trouble understanding what documents you must bring, how to translate them correctly, how long the procedure is, and more. As a leader in the field, we offer you a professional and efficient service that saves time and improves your chances of obtaining Spanish citizenship and passport.

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