Benefits in obtaining Spanish citizenship

Getting Spanish citizenship allows you to get a passport of the country and enjoy many benefits. Many Israelis are interested in holding a foreign passport that allows them easy entry into countries where they can’t enter with an Israeli passport. Furthermore, the Spanish passport is a direct entry ticket to the European Union. It is important to know that starting in October 2015, and for three years, descendants of the expelled Jews from Spain can apply for Spanish citizenship. The new law includes binding conditions that must be met in order to obtain the desired citizenship, and the Spanish passport, which provides many different advantages, which we will elaborate on below.

Campus specializes in the process of issuing a Spanish passport to the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain. The company accompanies the applicant and helps him to furnish the necessary documents to prove family ties to the Spanish expellees, a cultural connection to the Sephardic communities and a modern connection to the state itself. In addition, the company takes care to prepare a genealogical document and a pedigree that prove the family connection to the Spanish deportees, including proof of the connection to a Spanish family name. In addition, the company assists in the translation of the relevant documents through a sworn translator approved by the Spanish authorities to translate the required documents.

Benefits in obtaining Spanish citizenship

Many Israelis dream of a Spanish passport that allows them to live in Spain, to work and study in the country, to invest in real estate through local bank financing, to vote for elected institutions in the country and more. A Spanish passport for the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain provides free admission to all EU countries, visit countries that do not allow entry to Israeli citizens and receive an automatic visa to the United States.

It is important to note that until the Spanish Citizenship Law was amended, Israelis who applied for local citizenship were required to live in Spain permanently for a period of at least two years. As of October 2015, the Spanish Parliament has amended the law, and Spanish citizenship can now be exercised without the need for permanent residence in the country.

Reception of Spanish citizenship gives many advantages to Israelis, without the need to relinquish existing Israeli citizenship. After the approval of the application and the successful passing of the Spanish language examination at the basic level (2A) and the examination of the knowledge of culture, history, constitution, and Spanish parliamentary institutions, the desired citizenship can be obtained. Then, in a short and quick procedure, you can also get a Spanish passport.

Full citizenship in all EU countries

It is worth knowing that Spanish citizenship grants all the social benefits granted to all residents of EU countries, including Spain. Therefore, many descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain are interested in obtaining foreign citizenship, which allows them to obtain a European passport. The amendment to the Citizenship Law in Spain paves the way for the descendants of the Jews who expelled from Spain to realize their dream and to enjoy many advantages in all the countries of the European Union, including free study in selected academic institutions, residence and legal work, entry into countries that are difficult or impossible to enter with Israeli passport, Social benefits, the possibility of receiving bank financing for the purpose of setting up businesses and acquiring real estate in Spain and in EU countries. It should be emphasized that Spanish citizenship is granted for the whole life, the passport must be renewed every few years.

For more details and to exercise your entitlement for passport and Spanish citizenship, please leave details on the website or contact us by phone.