Portuguese citizenship for a spouse

Following the amendment to the Portuguese Citizenship Law, the descendants of those expelled from Spain and Portugal can apply for citizenship from the state. After receiving the citizenship, you can receive a short and straightforward procedure also Portuguese passport is considered a European passport in every respect. The Portuguese passport offers many benefits, such as the possibility to study for free or at a significant discount in the leading academic institutions in Portugal and the EU countries, the opportunity to move freely throughout Europe, to work legally and enjoy all the social conditions, to live, to start a business, to invest in real estate etc. However, An Israeli who begins the process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship is whether their spouse will also receive citizenship and how to do so.

Eligibility for citizenship for the rest of the family

Immigration laws in Portugal state that after the applicant receives citizenship, the spouse can apply for the husband or wife because they are married. However, the bill sets out some conditions to realize the entitlement to citizenship by the other spouse, among the conditions stipulated in immigration laws to Portugal:

The couple is married for over three years and can prove it invalid documents. The documents must be translated as required by the Portuguese Immigration Act.

The spouse who wants to obtain citizenship by marriage has a connection to Portugal, for example, residence, language knowledge, studies, contribution to state institutions, and so on.

It is important to know that proving the connection to Portugal is not simple and requires more than the conditions stipulated in the new Citizenship Law that allows the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese deportees to receive citizenship from the state. Therefore, when you wish to receive Portuguese citizenship for a spouse (husband or wife), it is recommended to contact the company specializing in the subject and offers close consultation and accompaniment throughout the process.

It should be noted that recently, the law allowing the children of the deportees to obtain citizenship from the state of Portugal has been changed so that it will be possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship for minor children, that is, children under the age of 18. However, the legislative process has only been completed, and the legal and administrative proceedings have not yet been updated, Clear and may take a long time. Therefore, in the case of minors, an application for Spanish citizenship (exempt from a language test) can also be submitted separately from parents who are undergoing a process of obtaining citizenship with the authorities of Portugal.

Why should Portuguese citizenship be granted to a spouse?

Citizenship from Portugal allows you to issue a Portuguese passport known as a European passport in every respect. A European passport enables you to live in the country and other EU countries, to work freely and receive full social benefits, without fear of the immigration and deportation authorities, and you can also travel in different countries where entry is not allowed to Israelis. Also, the Portuguese passport enables you to obtain an automatic visa to visit the United States. You can also minimize Israeli identity for business purposes with different countries, and you can invest in real estate in the country by taking a mortgage in a bank in Portugal. Also, there are significant benefits and benefits for citizens of Portugal, such as free or nominal education. The passport allows work in each of the EU countries. This is a significant advantage for many Israelis.