Spanish passport for Iraqi Jews

The immigration of Iraqi Jews is considered one of the most exciting and wondrous stories in the history of the Jewish people. Tens of thousands of Jews immigrated to Israel from December 1949, among them many Jews who are considered descendants of Spain and Portugal. Therefore, it is worth knowing that after the change in the Citizenship Law in Spain and Portugal, and in light of the decision to correct the historical injustice caused to the Jews by the mass expulsion from Spain in 1492 and later from Portugal, it is worth checking the eligibility for a Spanish passport for Iraqi Jews. Many and important.

What kind of passport should Iraqi Jews issue, Spanish or Portuguese?

Among those of Iraqi origin are quite a few Israelis and Jews living in the Diaspora who are entitled to Portuguese or Spanish citizenship. After receiving the desired citizenship, it is possible to obtain a passport from the state in a relatively quick procedure. It is necessary to decide in advance which process to choose, that is, whether to receive Spanish citizenship or to select the procedure required for obtaining Portuguese citizenship.

There are differences in the two citizenship procedures, so it is recommended to contact a professional and reliable company specializing in the field and receive advice and response to this issue. It is worth knowing that the process of obtaining citizenship from the State of Spain may be more complicated and expensive because a test of knowledge must be passed and a language test is also required. Also, a private interview should be conducted by a notary in Spain, while the procedure for obtaining Portuguese citizenship is considered more comfortable because there is no need to prove proficiency in the language.

Also, the procedure for obtaining citizenship from Spain may take longer, depending on the case. The Portuguese legislator decided to delegate authority to the heads of the Jewish community in the country. They receive the request for Portuguese citizenship, examine the documents and decide whether to approve the application and transfer the treatment to the appropriate authorities in the country.

How do I know if I can get a Spanish passport for Iraqi Jews?

If your family is one of the Iraqi Jews who arrived in the country following the expulsion of Spanish Jews, or if your family name appears in the Spanish citizenship law, you should contact a leading specialist in the field to conduct genealogical research and check your eligibility. Through research, you can find out if your family is one of those expelled from Spain or deported from Portugal, and accordingly, you can collect the documents required to prove your eligibility for a Spanish passport.

If you decide to choose a path of citizenship from Spain, you must successfully pass a language proficiency test and a knowledge test, beyond proof of affiliation and connection with Sephardim and the culture of the country.

Citizenship from Spain or Portugal allows you to take out a European passport, live and work in the European Union, study for free or for a low fee at the best academic institutions, buy property, start a business, easily switch between EU countries, blur your Israeli identity for your business, In easily and without the need for visa.