Expulsion from Spain - a little bit of history

The expulsion from Spain took place in 1492, the year Columbus discovered America. For the Jews of Spain, this year did not light up in light of the decision of the king of the organization of King Fernando II and the Queen of Castile Isabelle forced to expel the Jews of the kingdom who refused to convert. Many Jews chose to move to neighbor Portugal, but following the deportation order of the Jews of Spain, the King of Portugal decided to order the expulsion of the Jews from the territory of his country in 1497.

Some 520 years after the expulsion of Spanish Jewry, the Spanish parliament decided to rectify the injustice caused to the expelled Jews. On June 11, 2015, the Spanish Parliament approved the new citizenship law allowing Jews of Spanish origin to apply for Spanish citizenship. Shortly after that, the Citizenship Law in Portugal was amended, and Jews of Portuguese and Portuguese descent could apply for a Portuguese passport And a long-awaited passport that offers many significant benefits.

History of the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain

The Jews in Spain suffered from disturbances throughout history, especially after the re-conquest of Spain by the Christians. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Spain was under Christian rule. Towards the end of the 15th century, the Catholic kings ruled the country, and the Spanish Inquisition began. The deportation order of the Jews of Spain led to the end of the flourishing Jewish community in Spain, after a long series of persecutions and restrictions on Jews who refused to convert to Christianity.

The order for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain was signed on March 31, 1492, but was declared only on April 29. The Jews received three months to leave the country without the possibility of taking valuables. Many Jews chose not to convert to Christianity and began to seek refuge in other countries, including Portugal, France, the Low Countries, Western European countries, and the Ottoman Empire. Among those expelled from Spain were many who chose refuge in the Balkans, North Africa, and Israel.

Many Jews chose to flee to neighboring Portugal to remain close to Spain, but following the marriage of King Manuel of Portugal to Isabelle, the daughter of the Spanish Catholic Kings, the King of Portugal initiated a forced forced conversion of all Jews in the country, including all Jews who had found refuge after their expulsion from Spain. In effect, the Jews of Spain were expelled again, and they were forced to find shelter in other countries.

Correcting the historical injustice

As stated, the Spanish Parliament decided to amend the injustice caused to Jews expelled from the country, following the amendment of the Citizenship Law it was also decided in Portugal to allow the descendants of the deportees to receive citizenship from the state. The possibility of obtaining a Spanish or Portuguese passport is attractive to many Israelis because the passport offers many advantages such as the possibility of free or nominal study in leading academic institutions, the option of purchasing real estate in Spain and Portugal, free passage between EU countries, the blurring of Israeli identity in order to maintain trade relations with the Arab countries And countries that do not have agreements with Israel, residence in Spain or Portugal, and the possibility to work in EU countries and receive full social benefits.