European citizenship for the descendants of the Jews who expelled from Spain

European citizenship is considered the wish of many in Israel because of the enormous advantages involved. Among other things, European citizenship allows one to immigrate to one of the EU countries and to live there without fear of the immigration authorities and to receive full social benefits. Also, citizenship makes it possible to travel comfortably and conveniently in Europe, to cross countries lightly and without the need for visas. You can also work in EU countries and of course, live in them. Also, European citizenship allows the possibility of issuing a European passport that allows, within the framework of agreements signed between the European Union and leading countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, to work in these countries.

All benefits of European citizens

An Israeli citizen holding European citizenship can one day live in a country where he has dual citizenship, receive full social benefits, study at leading universities and educational institutions, start a business, invest in real estate and travel in Europe comfortably.

Spanish citizenship allows the descendants of Sephardim to enjoy a series of benefits, which until now have been reserved mainly for Israelis born or whose parents were born in various European countries, primarily Germany, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. Now, descendants of Spanish deportees can win a long-awaited European passport that offers many advantages. Among the main advantages of European citizenship are the following:

Fast transit between EU countries.

Entry to the US and other countries without visa requirements.

Significant benefits in admission to academic institutions in Spain and other EU countries, including tuition discount or free tuition.

The possibility of investing in local real estate in Spain, you can get a mortgage from a local bank.

Opportunity to establish a local business in Spain or EU countries.

The right to vote as to other citizens of the state.

A comfortable and attractive living environment.

The possibility of settling in each of the EU countries, including in leading and vibrant cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and the like.

The chance of working legally in each of the EU countries and receiving full social benefits.

An advanced and quality welfare system that enables a comfortable life.

Establishing a business smoothly and without complex bureaucratic procedures and expensive.

Various tax breaks.

There are also some significant and worthwhile advantages in obtaining European citizenship from Spain. Spanish citizenship also allows businesspeople and entrepreneurs to open new companies or acquire existing companies, thus concealing Israeli identity to maintain trade and business relations with countries that do not maintain contact with Israel.

Also, the acquisition of European citizenship for expats enables real estate developers to purchase land and property conveniently. It is possible to take out mortgages under attractive conditions, without the need for local help or complicated bureaucratic procedures.

In conclusion, European citizenship gives you many advantages. It is recommended that the descendants of those expelled from Spain who meet the eligibility criteria take out Spanish citizenship and enjoy a series of benefits and important benefits that enable them to upgrade their lives and provide peace of mind and economic security.