US visa for European passport holders

The United States, the land of unlimited opportunities, is considered a popular destination among many Israelis. There are Israelis who wish to travel to the US to visit family or friends. Others want to travel in the country and enjoy a host of beautiful attractions and tourist attractions. Some who come to Israel on business, and others who are interested in finding worthwhile and exciting work. Each of the reasons reserved for him only why he wants to fly to the United States, but the way there first begins to receive a visa at the US embassy in Israel.

Visa for travel and business

The process of obtaining a US visa for Israelis is not simple, and you must fill in the forms that can be downloaded at the US Embassy in Israel. After submitting the forms that must be filled in with high accuracy and in English, a date for an interview should be scheduled at the embassy. Accurate filling of the forms does not guarantee receipt of a visa to the United States, primarily when the state restricts the entry of foreigners, but Israelis wish to travel in the US or wish to travel to the United States to participate in a professional exhibition, or business meetings will receive the visa more easily.

Dealing with bureaucracy requires Israelis to invest time and resources to obtain a visa for travel or business, and also to deal with language difficulties and, of course, to pay an expensive fee. Therefore, it is no wonder that many companies have appeared in recent years to assist Israelis in filling out the forms and setting up an interview at the embassy.

Exemption from a US visa

The US has signed a visa waiver agreement with various countries around the world, including many EU countries, the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), in which residents of the countries that sign the agreement with the US can enter the US for tourism and business for up to 90 days Without the need to issue a visa at the B1 / B2 embassy.

A US visa for holders of a European passport allows for up to 90 days in the country when it is advisable to prepare for a trip to apply for a computerized system called the ESTA. It is important to emphasize that an exemption from a visa to the US makes it unnecessary to pay a high fee as Israelis are required to pay to the US Embassy, and the exemption saves a lot of time.

Some of the benefits of Portuguese citizenship are the possibility of obtaining an automatic visa to the US, so any Israeli who meets the requirements for obtaining Portuguese citizenship can receive an EU passport and enjoy many benefits, including automatic visa to the United States.

In conclusion, many Israelis currently have a European passport to enjoy all the benefits that the foreign passport offers for them, including automatic visa to the US, and other benefits such as unlimited stay in EU countries, the possibility to work and study in Europe and so on.