Working in Europe for European citizens

Many Israelis want to work in Europe for a short or long period, sometimes to save money for travel and sometimes to settle in one of the EU countries and develop a career. There is a wide range of employment opportunities in EU countries, but only holders of European passports and citizenship can legally work, enjoy all social benefits, and have free stay or problems with the immigration department.

Working in Europe for holders of a European passport

Over the years, many Israelis have been flying to Europe to work and save money. If, until recently, young Israelis tried their luck in jobs such as car sales and photo sales, with the change in the citizenship laws in Spain and Portugal, many Israelis of all ages can now acquire Spanish or Portuguese citizenship and, after receiving citizenship, receive the desired European passport.

Accepting European citizenship allows Israelis to seek employment throughout Europe, just like any other local citizen. Even if you are in the process of obtaining Spanish or Portuguese citizenship and receiving your European passport, you can look for work in all EU countries, and not just in the country where you get your citizenship. Therefore, after receiving the Spanish passport, you can search for jobs in France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and so on.

Work as an employee or self-employed

European citizenship allows Israelis to work as employees or start a business and become independent. It is worth noting that the cost of living in Israel causes many Israelis to seek their luck in Europe and enjoy a variety of economically viable options. Many jobs can be obtained through Israeli companies that offer sales in malls and stores in major European cities, but local citizenship enables Israelis to look for jobs in high-tech, advertising, security, agriculture, renovations, childcare, and other jobs.

Many jobs can be found in waiters and sales (not in wagons). In the summer months, it is possible to integrate children's training in summer camps and various circles, and there are other possibilities such as locksmithing, transportation, and various factories.

As mentioned above, European citizenship enables Israelis to establish independent businesses in every field and subject, by their skills and abilities. Local citizenry allows Israeli descendants of those expelled from Spain to receive bank financing to open the business, open a bank account, and manage the business according to the law of the country in which it is located.

Possibility to earn high amounts of money

Israelis with European citizenship can take advantage of the foreign passport and find temporary or permanent work in sales and jobs without a sales orientation. There are a variety of options that are attractive to Israelis, and in a short time you can earn a lot of money and save for a long trip or study. There is no need to work in sales, but this option exists, and many Israelis take advantage of the European passport to combine the work they have rented with their residence in one of the European countries. The short distances between the countries and the cheapest flights within Europe allow for the perfect combination of work and sightseeing. Therefore, it is worthwhile to go through the process of removing European citizenship, and after receiving the passport, it is easy to look for work and start working in a lucrative, profitable and challenging job.